School Facilities

Library and Science Laboratories
One, who always seeks more light, finds more, So school has a library with wide range of books on various subjects, various magazines and newspapers are also provided to update them with the current events. School also provides well-equipped physics, chemistry, biology, and computer laboratories, so that learning should be accompanied with practical knowledge.

Medical Care
Effective collaboration between home and school should be there to discharge responsibilities towards health, its check-up and follow-up. Periodic medical check-up once or twice in a year will be held by our school.

Sports Facilities
Keeping in mind the physical aspects of the students, school provides the facilities for various games.

School provides the conveyance facility to school children. The school vehicles follow a fixed route covering major areas within the vicinity of the school.

Recreational & Co-Curricular Activities
To develop some kind of recreation in students and put an end to the boredom and drudgery of classroom environment, school provides some short temporary breaks in the form of declamation, debates, dance, art and crafts, painting, extempore speaking, camps, dining lay out & flowers arrangement which are necessary. They ensure worthy use of leisure and provide recreation, which are conducive to mental, emotional and moral health.

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